Quick Sketches with Watercolour & Ink

Wednesday Evening the weather wasn’t predictable so I gave the group a choice of working indoors or outside; the studio being situated where it is the choice of outside subjects is vast and really inspiring. This sketch was of the fields at the back of Chandlers Yard looking towards How Hill I sketched in Ink […]

Cardoon from Winterton on Sea

Cardoon from Winterton on Sea

Painted with Chroma Atelier Acrylics on 90x30cm Canvas
One of the two Annes who attend my Thursday evening Painting Class brought the Cardoons to paint this week. I love Cardoons my friend Dona gave me one for the garden it is huge, my husband hates mowing round it, he tells me I’m not in a stately home just a 2 up 2 down terrace cottage. But I like a statement piece.
Trying to paint the heads without too much detail, but defining them was difficult, I think I have succeeded but will look again after a couple of days with fresh eyes. I will also note the remarks by the public as it sits on the easel in the gallery.

“First Inspiration”

I took a photograph at Nevill Holt Leicestershire many years before I started painting and it was the first time I said, to myself, one day I’m going to paint that. I did paint it 15 years ago and then painted it again last year. Comparing the two this edition has more colour, freedom and confidence.