Tea at Chandler’s Yard; Acrylic & Watercolour


Same Subject Different Media:

It’s been hot in Norfolk this last week; one of the reasons I continue my evening classes at the studio during the summer months is that my students get chance to work outside, painting En Plein Air. Even those that have never painted out before get addicted, come the winter months they want more working from life.

Tho’ admittedly they are fair weather plein airists ?

On Wednesday Evening I completed the scene on canvas with Chroma Atelier Acrylics and on Thursday in Winsor & Newton Artist’s watercolour on Khadi paper.

I feel it does me good to work on the same subject in different ways, this increases my observation of lights and darks. I use the same palette of colours what ever media I work in so mixing is quicker, this also means my different media don’t clash in the gallery.

ImageChroma Atelier Acrylic on 40x50cm Linen Canvas

I started this painting grounding with Mars Black, I don’t normally have a black in my palette but I find the Atelier Mars Black closer to a Burnt Umber it seems to have more colours showing through in its chroma it isn’t flat.

I then used Titanium White with a little Prussian Blue building up lighter tones in the background. Varying the pressure applied with the brush gives a more interesting background, the wall was very flat white which would not make an interesting painting.

Working with Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber I painted the rusty parts of the bench. Using a mix of all the above colours in the wooden parts.

The plants were the next layer Dark green from Prussian Blue and Burnt Sienna adding Cadmium Yellow then Transparent Yellow to lighten them further. The lightest green was Cerulean Blue with Titanium White

The reds of the Geranium Flowers started with Permanent Alizarin and lightened thro to Napthol Red Light.

The teapot green is Cerulean Blue with Cadmium Yellow with lights of Yellow Ochre

The greys of the white crockery are made with Cobalt Blue and Burnt Sienna

Cobalt Turquoise is used on the metal parts of the table

For the scarf I used Quinacridone Magenta adding Titanium White to create lighter tones

The gravel is a mix of the colours used in the bench, leaving the shadows dark.

I find my self using a dark ground more and more in my paintings, I feel it really makes your lights lighter in the final piece.

On Thursday I then painted the same subject in Watercolour


10x14cm Khadi Cotton Paper

A slightly different composition makes this more interesting

Many of the colours used were the same as the acrylic version, but this time working with wet washes initially and deeper tones; dryer paint for the detail.

The shadows a mix of Burnt Sienna and Cobalt Blue painted last not first, and the paper left white where needed. I even scratched out some whites when the painting was dry “Scraffito”

It was great to be able to create a Mediterranean feel in the Norfolk Broads, with a very English  Pot of Tea.

For information on Linda;s Tuition and Courses see www.paintncanvasholidays.co.uk

She is demonstrating at “All About Art”  Business Design Centre Islington London on Friday 26 July 2013


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