#PaintSeptember 4

Today has been busy in the gallery, but I knew what I had planned for my students tonight, so knew I would complete a demonstration painting. I always use a fresh inspiration when demonstrating not something I had practised many times. I think that those watching should see you make mistakes and then correct them, […]

#PaintSeptember 3

My preference is to paint from life, but on occasion you see something that really inspires you and stopping and painting is not an option, due to time, space or companions The subject I have chosen for my third painting for #paint September is from a photograph taken in February of a Brocante in the […]

#PaintSeptember 2

Keeping it going so far….. Decided to go to Cromer Beach this morning, another georgous day of this long hot summer, managed to stand out of the wind in glorious sunshine. There was hardly any one there when I arrived had coffee & lovely cheese scone sitting outside the Lifeboat Cafe at the bottom of […]

#Paint September Challenge

Having been challenged by fellow artists and friends Haidee-Jo Summers and¬† Mo Teeuw¬† I am determined to take part in #PaintSeptember ……. we are going to paint every day, and post the results on line, I am often saying to visitors (to my gallery) and students, artists do not always paint to sell, just as […]