#Paint September Challenge

Having been challenged by fellow artists and friends Haidee-Jo Summers and  Mo Teeuw  I am determined to take part in #PaintSeptember …….

we are going to paint every day, and post the results on line, I am often saying to visitors (to my gallery) and students, artists do not always paint to sell, just as musicians practice in private. Because an artist paints it does not always result in a satisfying painting or one that they want to sell.

This is something to remember when you visit a retrospective exhibition of a deceased “great”, there will be work on show they never intended you to see it has just ended up on the wall because of who they became, often after they became deceased.

Many paintings I produce are practice pieces and so will be the case with some of the paintings I post this month.


Reedcutter’s boat West Somerton Staithe Norfolk

Today is the first day and after a very busy summer in the gallery this exercise has given me the impetuous to get back to  focusing  on my own work and back to visiting friends and family.  Today’s offering is of  a Reed Cutter’s Boat at West Somerton Staithe,  Norfolk I stopped on the way home from visiting mum & Dad for 40 minutes the sun was shinning on my arrival and it became dull as I sketched.

I carry my sketchbook, small Winsor & Newton palette and tin with pencil, knife and travel brush in my handbag so I always have my  work tools with me.

Students ask “What do I need to take on a painting holiday?” Well do you need any more than that? see below:


I say it  has been a busy summer in the gallery, well September is going to be just as busy my contributions will be from Norfolk, the Gard region of Languedoc Rousillion in France where I am taking a group of students next Friday, the following week I am teaching an Acrylics Course in Somerset for Cheddar Painting Holidays and the last weekend for the Field Studies Council  at Flatford Mill in Suffolk.

All en Plein Air the best way to paint, I hope you will join me on my voyage throughout the month of September



One thought on “#Paint September Challenge

  1. Yes! Just returned from two months in Alaska….camper on truck. Painted along the way. Got lots of those daily “jottings” and quick attempts. Glad to hear your idea. I’m in…

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