#PaintSeptember 2

Keeping it going so far…..


Decided to go to Cromer Beach this morning, another georgous day of this long hot summer, managed to stand out of the wind in glorious sunshine. There was hardly any one there when I arrived had coffee & lovely cheese scone sitting outside the Lifeboat Cafe at the bottom of The Gangway.

Then it was to work;  I faced the pier, painted it and the out going tide, but was more pleased when I turned around and painted the east beach towards Overstrand. A group of mums and their offspring were gathering for a picnic and I very quickly started to add them to the painting foreground. It wasn’t until the kids decided to go for chips that they realised I was painting them, luckily I’d nearly finished putting them in, I then found out it was Toby’s birthday picnic, they were over the moon (thankfully) that I had included some of  them.


Thank you to my unwitting models, as promised I will get some prints produced for you



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