A Brush with the Broads – En Plein Air Painting Festival Norfolk England


Having made my living from Art for nearly 14 years my work, teaching and gallery have evolved and grown, I now feel I have got a balance of the amount of time I spend on each works and gives me pleasure and pain in mixed proportions.
The Broad Skies Gallery is now big enough to make it viable and challenging, time for my own work is becoming more important to me and I love inspiring others through my teaching, but as is my want I can’t stand still I needed another challenge !!
The majority of my work is en Plein Air (outside) from life or still life (I love the French phrase Nature Morte (so morbid), the past few years it appears that plein air painting has found a new audience and there are festivals around the globe.
At the beginning of 2013 I was hunting for a festival to attend close to home, the nearest being Art in the Open in Wexford Eire, unfortunately it is in August a very busy time in the Gallery for me. I did manage to take part in the inaugural Pintar Rapido London in July which was a great weekend.

Painter members of groups on Facebook started asking “Why is there,no big festival in the UK?” This got me thinking, being involved the worlds of commerce and art and on the Executive Board of Broads Tourism, I have built contacts over the years.
The Broads has a huge artistic legacy, the Norwich School cotman, Bright Stannard and Seago,  1000’s of possible painting venues appealing to every genre landscape, marine, seaside fun, wildlife park, classic car collections, industrial and on and on.
I approached Clippesby Hall a 5* Camping and self catering park, offering a range of quality accommodation depending on your budget, in a beautiful location with facilities suitable for workshops and socialising and they said yes … I then asked Mike & Belinda Minors who have a reputation for quality and are opening a new events venue in 2014 in they would host the final exhibition and they said yes….
I mentioned my plan to Fraser Kirkwood of Chroma international and he said “Why has no one done this before?” and said he would sponsor the final exhibition prize and supply a set of Chroma Atelier Interactive Acrylics for each artist.
I further canvased artists on line and in person, there is definitely a hole in the artistic calendar to fill.
I believe A BRUSH WITH THE BROADS will be the first 4 day plein air painting festival in England, the venue for the quick draw and names for workshops are yet to be finalised.
The dates will be 25-29 September 2014 the cost of taking part is £55.00 per artist this includes, painting days quick draw and hanging fee for final exhibition
it does not included travel or accommodation

Hickling BroadHickling Broad

I am not doing this as a profit making exercise but because I have a passion for painting and the area in which I live and work, though obviously it has got to pay for itself, my only regret is that as organiser I won’t be able to take part as an artist.
Part of my personal remit is to Inspire Others and that is why A BRUSH WITH THE BROADS is going to happen and will be an annual event in Britain’s Inspirational Waterland
http://www.abrushwiththebroads.co.uk for info & Tickets
http://www.clippesby.com for accommodation
http://www.theboathouseormesbybroad.co.uk for exhibition venue
http://www.chromaonline.com sponsor of £1000.00 final exhibition prize



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