Crab pots, Wind and the Public

I am looking forward to Wednesday, painting again with the group who have started meeting at Brancaster Staithe, the life of the Plein Air Painter can be a lonely affair so it’s great to meet up with others.

We were last at Brancaster Staithe on 14 November, before my trip to Yorkshire (where do the days go), it was a cold and windy day, refreshing.

There were some crab-pots by a post that caught my eye and the light on the marshes behind was amazing no one else had arrived so I got to work. It took my 5 attempts to get the car in the right position to shield me from the wind, I then spent 1½ hours struggling to achieve something on canvas when a crowd of 10+ ramblers approached, ” Can we have a look?”, being a nice approachable person I said “Yes”.  Distracted for a second not focusing in my easel the wind gusted and it took flight, painting, paints, dilutant & oil. Particularly dilutant washed all over the work I had been struggling with for 1½ hours, “Oh we’ll leave you to it !!!!” said the ramblers, exit stage left.

“THANKYOU!!!!” I wanted to shout & scream, I stomped a bit, growled then sat and did a pen sketch of said crab pots. After I had calmed myself I set to work over the top of the painting I hadn’t been happy with any way. (Those that know me, know it takes a heck of a lot to make me lose my temper)

crabpots14:11Plein air CRAB POTS Brancaster Staithe (MkII) OIL ON BOARD 30x24cm

When out painting I am generally willing to chat to people that stop by, and I guess that what we do as painters is interesting to them. We hope it is because it they are hopefully at some point going to buy our work and I have sold a number of pieces fresh off the easel.

We have to be diplomatic, you’re focused on a subject, “in the zone”, struggling with the tone, the perspective, your interpretation, your colours, you can’t just turn from the easel and your work to chat. Do we just turn and say “Sorry thanks for your interest,  I’m working, sorry can’t chat”?

I’ll let you know what happens on Wednesday……..

Every painting on the walls of Broads Skies Gallery is part of my ongoing story. Remember when you buy a piece of art  you are buying a piece of the artist’s life. All the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into it and all the joy of something that has gone right…ish. It isn’t just the paint and canvas.


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