A description that fits me well, I love my Mabef pochade box it’s compact, holds all I need to paint en plein air, including wet canvas boards, it’s easy to transport and fits onto a camera tripod whats not to like.

I have always liked a palette to hold I squeeze my paints onto the palette fitted into my pochade and use a paper palette to mix on this could then be thrown out at the end of a painting session, “No clearing up” (I do wash my brushes, honest)

I have had wooden palettes before but no matter how many layers of linseed oil I have coated them with the paint still finds its way into the grain. The palette from my french easel now weighs …… a lot, probably more than my easel!! It’s a talking point when I do shows and demos.


☝Should I sand it or frame it?

A week ago I received a parcel from Rosemary and Co. Artists Brushes
I ripped it open and got excited about a palette.

It’s wood, white maple, smooth,  light and for a leftie, yep it is ergonomically designed. I am with William Morris and the Arts & Craft movement, if you need practical things then make them beautiful to look at as well as practical. This palette ticked all my boxes.


New Wave Highland™ Palette in use

On Saturday afternoon I went out  with my full kit down to Coldharbour on Ludham Marshes a couple of miles from my studio. I could see the rain over Acle to the south, it was sunny on my spot and the sky was stunning, the autumn colours still on show. The dark southern sky counterbalancing the light to north, I squeezed my oils out on to my new palette, and set to as I normally do, unfortunately another weather front came in and I was only out for an hour,

Whilst working I found that the shape of the New Wave Palette so easy to use, the shaped grip is comfortable, no finger strain, I could hold a brush and the palette whilst squeezing out new paint. The curve fits my arm, and there is no weight. I wasn’t putting down and picking up all the time.
I still managed to get paint on me that is part of the job.

For me the real test was the clean up, I got back to the studio and wiped  my palette with newspaper first, then just a warm wet cloth, yay!! the paint just came away.
No paint stuck in the wood grain, just the palette back to how it was when I took it out of it’s packaging.

I knew I would be painting out on Wednesday, at Brancaster on the north Norfolk coast, so the paint blobs I hadn’t mixed I left on the palette covered with clingfilm to see if after that session it would clean up as well with slightly dried paint.

The looks of jealousy from my fellow artists on Wednesday led to a little smugness.
It again was a simple wipe to clean my new palette and a final wipe with dilutant
to take it back to its original condition.

My only gripe is that it does not slide into my Mabef pochade box, the wood being too thick for the runner, but I always have my stool bag with my extra goods and chattels in and the light weight of the palette makes no odds. I would be carrying a pad of paper palettes if not my New Wave which I have fallen in love with.

I love the ethos of the “New Wave” company, it fits with Rosemary & Co and their handmade brushes who distribute New Wave Palettes in the UK

Craftsmanship is fast becoming lost to the world at large and I feel it is important for those of us that create to support others who create, I have none of my own paintings on my walls at home but those of painters I admire (OH does get a say occasionally).
When creating it is wonderful to use beautifully made tools, a brush with the right balance, a beautiful hand made linen paper for watercolours, right up to a well made frame to display our work.
“A bad workman always blames his tools” so it follows if you want to create great work you need great tools.
We all aspire to produce that great work whatever we do, but I believe if we ever felt we’d got there we’d give up so we try and try again and I’ll never give up trying.

Rosemary & Co Brushes 

New Wave Palettes

I am really pleased to be able to announce Rosemary & Co are now on board for  “A Brush with the Broads”

for more information go to: http://abrushwiththebroads.co.uk


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