Still Life with Palette – Oil Painting

It has been a chaotic 2 weeks, with family a London Show and having a cold that knocked me off my feet for a few days. Someone put a quote on Twitter today “Pick a job that you love doing and you will never do a days work” not sure I agree completely, every job has the tasks you don’t like doing, but I understand where they’re coming from and love my job.

When life throws difficulties your way it is great to escape into creativity.

Each day I am going to try and add a painting here and the inpsiration behind it. Having always painted outside, Plein Air has really taken over my work in the last 2 years, painting from life is how I like to work, when stuck inside at a show promoting my Courses and holidays I tend to set up a still life to work with.

Working outside the light changes constantly always a challenge, working on a still life indoors with no natural light is my nightmare, the positive being the light and shadow are constant.

With Artist quality oils I find there is enough oil content not to need to add any, with my style of painting I don’t find a need to add mediums, I use  Zest It dilutant and a spot of oil on the top highlights.

The image below is a still life I set up at Art Materials Live at Excel in London at the end of November. I find roses the most difficult flowers to paint and was pleased with the result I achieved here. Painted on Arches Oil Paper with Winsor & Newton Artists Oils using Rosemary and Co Ivory Brushes (long flats).

"Still Life with Palette" Oil on Paper 12.5"x 20 " 32x51cm by Linda H Matthews £295 (unframed)
“Still Life with Palette”
Oil on Paper
12.5″x 20 ” 32x51cm
by Linda H Matthews
£295 (unframed)





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