I never wanted to Paint Flowers

I am in the process of a studio clear out and found a series of Florist Shops I painted about 10 years ago.

When I started painting I avoided painting flowers, as much as I love flowers to look at, it was too girly and those that know me know I am not a girly girl. (I do like dressing up to go out tho’) The first tutors I had were landscape and portrait painters so flowers didn’t enter the equation.

Then one grey Febuary day just before Valentine’s Day I was walking a long Aldeburgh High Street in Suffolk and the display of flowers outside “A Bed of Roses” shone out against the drabness.  I took a photograph and the resulting studio painting “Fresh Flowers” spurred me on to find other florist shops.

Bed of Roses Florist Shop Aldeburgh Suffolk
“Fresh Flowers” 50 x40 cm Acrylic on canvas £295 unframed

I loved the challenge of the architecture and them prettying it up with the plants and flowers, my next florist “Mulberrys” I found in North Walsham, Norfolk, a building next to a derelict space so again it was the contrast  of floral delights against dullness. Now a Taxi Office

Mulberrys Florist 40x30cm Acrylic on Canvas £ 245 unframed
“Mulberrys” 40x30cm Acrylic on Canvas £245 unframed

My quest for florist shops continued throughout 2005, my mother even got in on the act taking a photo of a Florist shop at Chipping Campden in the Cotswolds from a very strange long distance angle so I used the information and created the oil painting below:

"Cotswold Flower's" 40x30cm Oil on Canvas £295 unframed
“Cotswold Flower’s”
Oil on Canvas
£295 unframed

“City Florist’ came about because I loved the urban setting, hence the inclusion of the crossing lights, and a nod to the red light reputation of Ber Street in Norwich. When painting buildings I always teach that to make them more interesting not to paint them front on so I angled the perspective a little on “City Florist”

City Florist 30x40cm  Oil Painting £295 unframed
City Florist
Oil Painting
£295 unframed

For the last painitng in this series of flower shops we go to the coastal town of Blakeney and “The Floral Company”, as with all the shops above, apart from the Cotswold Flower Shop, this is now an estate agents I know we need them but Flowershops are a lot more up lifting to look at.

My style of painting has changed since these were completed but I can stil see the foundations of the work I am producing now.

"Floral Company" 40x30cm Oil on Canvas £295 unframed
“Floral Company”
Oil on Canvas
£295 unframed

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