It’s Cold Outside…..

The turkeys been eaten ( I enjoyed Sea Bass), and I had to get back in the studio, I’ve been going through work done over the years and looking at how I have changed as a artist, I always like a challenge and refuse to get in a rut workwise.

Following the fantastic day and evening at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters; was it only last week? I really crave more of the same, so am trying to plan my year in a different way to how they have been over the last few.

I want to learn more, this does not mean I won’t be teaching.

I am looking forward to painting for the whole month of March in Languedoc France, a whole month to focus on developing and deciding which direction to go in; feeding the painting addiction. A luxury I know; but needed at this time, Paul & I both love the area around Marseillan 34340 we have been visiting for many years now.

I have taken groups there painting for quite a few years now, and will be again in June 2015 this time I’m renting an old Convent in Pezenas an old merchants town now full of Artist Studio’s and craft workshops.

Bedroom PezenasCouvent-facade

I always try to find interesting buildings to stay in because then you have plenty of choice of subjects without having to go far

As with all my own holidays places are limited to 8 painters, we will paint in Pezenas town, Marseillan Port, Montpellier City, on Beaches, and in the Haute Languedoc Hills, I rent a minbus to take you out to venues.

You have to make your own way to the house, I will let you know when I am travelling.

One of the venues we will paint is at the end of the Canal du Midi where it opens into the Etang du Thau “Le Phare, Marseillan” is a plein Air Painting I completed there a few years ago.

100 x 40 cm  Acrylic £649.00
“Le Phare, Marseillan” 100 x 40 cm

If you would like details of the French Painting Holiday with Tuition please go to:

where you can download the full details….book before 31 December and save £100.

any questions e mail: linda(at)

Have a fabulously inspirational 2015


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