End of Year…Working from Home

Always feeling very blessed to live where I do, because of the Gallery and working away, I don’t always spend enough time at home, so I made a decision this week to stay home with hubby and have some quality time, it’s been such a busy year some breathing space was needed.

Working at home; as artists know the addiction needs feeding, you can’t just sit, like a musician your need to practice. I started a painting yesterday late afternoon not really giving my self enough day light time to complete it.

I have always loved the view from our back bedroom, especially Sutton Mill at the bottom of the garden, it was sad when they removed the cap earlier this year, just doesn’t make me smile any more. We live in a terrace of farm cottages the back gardens aren’t fenced off, tho’ we know our boundaries. Over the years Ginty (Nick) our neighbour has built various structures, in their garden, for their kids (now in their 20’s) to play on, and various workshops for him he even has a log burner in one of them. I love the higgledy piggledy arrangement. But wanted a slightly different compostion, than just the view from the window.

Last week I boughht some sunflowers for the kitchen window, not very Christmassy but my favourite, so I placed them on the upstairs window sill and the resulting composition is below.

"Winter Sunshine" 40x30cm  Oil on Linen £495.00
“Winter Sunshine”
Oil on Linen

I have dared to put Sutton Mill in the top left corner without it’s cap or sails 😣, one day I may be inspired by it again???  The red roofed house was Jodie’s playhouse on stilts, you can see the chimney on the shed where Ginty’s woodburner is. THe pole with the Union Flag flying has a weather vane on top, I always know which direction the wind is blowing when I get up in the morning.

I’m still not quite happy with the depth of the painting so will review it tomorrow.

I do plan on doing my last painting of 2014 tomorrow so will post it here, and will be doing something each day in 2015.

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