Same location, different media; different perspective!!

In November 2014 I met up with Penny German  a wonderful artist I met though organising A Brush with the Broads. We painted out in the watermeadows at Bintree Mill in north Norfolk near Fakenham, there is so much inspiring subject matter there it was difficult to pick a view; I produced two oil paintings, as usual I was happier with the second one. Reflections below:

"Reflections" Plein Air  Oil on Board 30x24cm £295.00
Plein Air
Oil on Board

In classes I am always drumming into my students how important light and tone are in their work, this year those who have been coming to my evening classes for a while will be working from black and white photographs.

To show them the way last night I produced a pastel working from a photo printed out in B&W of the view of the above trees with out refering to the painting I produced last year, until I had finished.

"Reflections" 34x24cm Unison Pastel on  Canson Mi-teintes
Unison Pastel
Canson Mi-teintes

The comparison to me is very interesting, I feel the tonal variation is stronger in the pastel. Is this because I worked in the studio from a captured moment of steady light? Whereas when working outside the light is constantly changing and plein air painters become light chasers!

This is something I need to note more and decide yes that is where the light is, that is where it will be in my painting no matter how long I am on the spot. This I should already be doing especially when putting the darks on first in and oil painting or pastel.


Join me for Painting and Drawing with Pastels course at  Broad Skies Gallery in the Norfolk Broads 24-26 April 2015.    go to for more details

Penny German – daily paintings; wonderful to follow

A Brush with the Broads – 24-28 September 2015


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