24-25 – Shopping and Wine:-

We have a cat at home Scampi, well a cat has us, he doesn’t belong to us he adopted us, primarily because we have a cat flap but no longer any cats. We had decided we were going to get new cats when Paul retired 2½ years ago but we had already been adopted by […]

26/28 – Time Flies

Is it really a whole week since I last posted; after Collioure. On Friday 20/3 I had a day to myself in Montpellier, wandering and spending. 21/3 Saturday we went to Beziers Marche du puce, not alot there to inspire, and it rained all afternoon 22/3 Sunday the weather was forecast to be bad, but […]

19/03 – Days of Pilgrimage

I often feel that when travelling in the South of France, it is a pilgrimage for those greats who have painted here before and sometimes think “How do you have the audacity to paint here?” A few years a ago I got told off for sitting in Cezanne’s chair in his studio in Aix en […]

18/28- Serenaded by Toads

Yesterday I spent the morning around the house, then drove to another of my favourite places Villeneuvette a beautiful place with a terrible history, I have painted the wrought iron benches, fountain and geranium pots in the past and used an oil of artists painting, with me on a painting holiday as a brochure pic. […]

17/28 – Grey skies

Been missing in action, Sunday it poured with rain from dawn ’til dusk, I spent the day titivating the work I’ve done over the last 2 weeks, although the sky was grey the kitchen here faces North ish so the light was good. Yesterday needing to get out after being in all day Sunday went […]

13/28 Beziers Day 2

the story continues. So having not seen the flower market on Thursday I check the internet and find it is on a Fridays…… Doh!! So on Friday morning I return to Beziers, it is actually one of my favourite towns in Languedoc there is something going on every day and it’s history is fascinating. Changes […]