Languedoc France Day 1; started cloudy and damp, later sunny and bright

As much as I love having my own gallery, and meeting the people that visit it, I felt, rightly or wrongly, it was becoming a tie and I wasn’t able to practice and produce the work I would like to.

I’m always telling my students painting is like playing an instrument, if you don’t practise you loose the rhythm and the notes. So I have taken a month away to practise and plan to paint each day of the month we are away in the beautiful Herault area of Languedoc Roussillon.

Little did I know when we booked the house in Castelnau de Guers that the views front and back would be inspirational, we arrived yesterday evening tired after the journey but the views drew me,

It was grey and cold this morning, but I had optioned two windows I could paint from if the weather continued after our visit to Meze market to stock up this morning and coffee in Pezenas. I set up at the lounge window looking towards what I believe is the church in the village of Montblanc (not the alpine one)

photo 1-2
A room with a view

Overlooking the olive trees, with the garage beneath the house it is a 1st storey view, the church being framed by the trees, only viewable from that window, so a unique view.

I had produced a quick (5 min) sketch this morning but paintied the 45 min sketch below, this afternoon. I think this view will be reproduced in different light at different times of day, over the next month, especially as it is looking west, if we get some lovely sunsets I will be painting them.

Montblanc Church from 3 Oliviers Castelnau de Guers Herault Languedoc 13×18 Oil Painting

I hope you can tell that we have now got some sunshine and I am going to explore the old village to see what subjects there are there….see you later


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