6/28 Les Paysage de Languedoc

We retired last night with the hatches battened again, think the Mistral was blowing itself out, because when I woke this morning all was quite and still. I’d sat at the dining table last night as dusk fell and thought a cloud on the skyline looked  like a mountain. This morning I realised it was a mountain, now the air has cleared we can see the Pyrenees and the snow from the house, things just get better.

After coffee in Clemont le Herault this morning……

…….as promised this afternoon I took the car up to the top of the Castelnau de Guers to Montagnac road what views, the vignobles were working between the leafless vines, its great to see the colour of the soil, and the light is superbly clear

It was a big vista so I had to go big, 1/2 imperial Arches Huile Paper, the wind is still a little chilly, but the sun was bright, and warm in shelter. The joy of having a tall car is you can stand up wind of it.

Sheltering from the chill
Sheltering from the chill

So I completed this view “Looking toward Pezenas”

36x56cm Oil  on Arches Huile Paper
36x56cm Oil
on Arches Huile Paper £395.00 unframed

Come painting with me in Pezenas 20-27 June 2015  download details here   france2015

Materials Used:

Arches Oil Paper

Rosemary & Co Ivory long flat Brushes

Pip Seymour Oil Paints


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