07/28; A Lesson Learnt….

Pezenas is the nearest town to us less than 2 miles away, the market there on  Saturday is superb, we had coffee sitting outside the Le Chat Botte in the spring sunshine, I went to my bag to get my sketchbook  out ….OH NO!!! I hadn’t put it in, major error and artist should never be without their tools. What had inspired me?  An elegant red haired lady sitting on another table in  skirt and jacket like a tux. with red shoes. I did study her and she is stored in my memory bank, some people just make that little more effort.

My body is in shock I think, because in the afternoon I was absolutely exhausted. I’ve not stopped painting but I’m not running the gallery or teaching. I’m being totally selfish and doing what I love doing. Okay not totally selfish, I’m cooking, doing the washing etc but even that is a pleasure when you are at home more than usual.

Last Sunday I bought a bunch of Daffodils St Davids day, for Welsh grandad and Anemones,  grans favourite flower, the daffodils have gone over but the anemones are still here just and in the jug also two white rose buds Kate and Dona brought over on Wednesday.

One of my previous posts was titled I never wanted to paint flowers, but one of the joys of painting them is that they last for a lot longer with the memories of those who gave them.

30x24cm oil on board
oil on board

last night I spent the evening painting flowers indoors again.

Today Sunday we’re off to the Marche du Puce at Marseillan Plage


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