11/28……I like to ride my bicycle 🚲 🚲

Had a different Birthday Thank you, we went to Carcassonne wandered and had crepe, chips and beer.
Went on to Limoux a mountain town in Cathars country, that has a winter carnival that lasts 3 months, it wasn’t on on Tuesday but is this weekend. We then followed the mountain road to Narbonne.

We haven’t explored this  part of Languedoc, the views were immense, the castles and abbeys amazing, breath taking. We stopped at Narbonne had tea and a birthday cake called a Gilbraltar which was meringue, chocolate butter cream and covered in dark chocolate, all shaped like Gibraltar, wasn’t sweet at all ????

No painting Tuesday, lots of photos to use in class tho’.

Wednesday I put air in the tyres of my bicycle, I’d brought it down in the back of my car, I went for a ride, pochade on the parcel rack tripod in a bag slung over my back. The sun was up  it was a beautiful morning.


Where we are ataying is in the middle of the Picpoul de Pinet vineyards the vines are just stumps, of interesting shape, this time of year but you can see the colour of the soil varying shades from Burnt Sienna thro’ to Yellow Ochre. The blossom is on the Almond trees too, which I will include at some point (a month is not long enough)

Any way I rolled down the hill from the house heading for L’Herault river, not far from the house, cycled tho’ the vineyards and found a beach on the river opposite a mill that is being renovated a weir in front a beautiful spot,. I scrambled down a sandy bank, there was a cooling breeze.

L'Herault Mill
L’Herault Mill

There was scaffolding on the tower, it wasn’t obtrusive so I ignored it, the water was a wonderful turquoise/ cerulean blue, the water over the weir noisy, I wouldn’t have found this spot if I hadn’t brought my bike and explored locally.

Oil  24x30cm

Happy with my painting, I went home to lunch, my gammy knee didn’t have the power to cycle up the hill so I had to push my bike, it was hot.
We had a scratch lunch on the terrace, I planned to go to the Canal de Midi this afternoon drove there but wasn’t in the zone, the car temperature said 29℃ don’t like to boast, on the coast it was 20℃ big difference.


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