12/28 – Beziers Day 1 – Trés Jolie

I’m behind with posting my paintings, been gadding about and doing stuff, and saved these for a rainy day, yep just like the Sunday after we arrived it’s raining this morning.
On Thursday me believing that the flower market in Beziers was on Thursday we set off, me with my pastels to paint it. Allées Paul Riquet is the place but no market, we went for coffee sitting in the sunshine, I was disappointed but sketched Paul, he didn’t like the result.

Linda's Pastel Boxes
Linda’s  “Tidy” Pastel Boxes!!!!

There is a lovely square next to Eglise de la Madeleine on Rue Paul Riquet nearLes Halles (not near the Allées) I painted cafes in that square, testing my perspective and shadows, Paul sat next to me reading his book.

Kids were coming out of the nearby lycee  little ones and teens, if painting out in Britain or I guess the U.S and some one came up an said “That’s pretty”, I’d probably be a bit insulted, but here in France it really is meant as a compliment. Kids always boost you, they kept coming back to see how the painting had progressed, I can converse in French more easily with kids they keep things simple

Rue Paul Riquet
Rue Paul Riquet

The result  is not one I’m going to do anything with, but as always each painting is a lesson.

Pastel Exercise Unison Pastels Canson Mi-Teintes  Touch Paper
Pastel Study, Unison Pastels,
Canson Mi-Teintes Touch Paper

(the curve on the left building the photo)

We had a lovely lunch at the Cafe des Arts, I was going to do another painting at Cathedral St Nazaire, but the spot that would have been ideal to stand was being soaked by water sprinklers so it didn’t happen. to be continued…….


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