13/28 Beziers Day 2

the story continues.

So having not seen the flower market on Thursday I check the internet and find it is on a Fridays…… Doh!!

So on Friday morning I return to Beziers, it is actually one of my favourite towns in Languedoc there is something going on every day and it’s history is fascinating.

Changes are noticable though, 13 years ago it really was thriving now the number of empty shops are very noticable, the route to the cathedral in the past was busy with independant little galleries and shops, there are still a few restaurants but it is looking quite sad. There was an article on French morning TV, Telematin, earlier in the week about how difficult it is to be a small business over here, food for thought ???

But the flower market was on not as big as I have seen it, that maybe the season, but it was full of colour and people. Wandering up and down looking and trying to arrange a composition, there was a cut flower stall run by two beautiful looking ladies with a row of coloured ribbons ready to make up their bouquets.

Choosing a stall run by a red haired lady and un homme I presume  her husband, I liked the variety of potted plants from Pinks, Geraniums, Roses and Lemon and Orange trees, she was a jolly lady too, chatting away to her customers.

Under layers Shadow before light
Under layers
Shadow before light

Starting to paint the light was strong, as was the wind, the light dulled as I worked and the wind got colder.

Fleurs Beziers Progress
Fleurs Beziers

The lady on the stall kept coming over to check progress and the public as always were free with their critiques and comments, the police municipal came over to see what I was doing.

The temperature really dropped as I was working, but I felt I had got the feeling of the market and the stallholder was pleased with the result, she told me she was not brave enough to try oils, but painted in watercolour.

I told her most consider watercolours far more difficult she laughed.

Fleurs, Beziers 24x30cm oil Plein Air
Fleurs, Beziers
24x30cm oil
Plein Air

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