17/28 – Grey skies

Been missing in action, Sunday it poured with rain from dawn ’til dusk, I spent the day titivating the work I’ve done over the last 2 weeks, although the sky was grey the kitchen here faces North ish so the light was good.

Yesterday needing to get out after being in all day Sunday went on a bit of research to Cap D’Agde, no nudists on the beach this time of year, this is a 70’s style marina, I thought there may be some interesting boats but the whole place left me cold. We bought some baguettes and sat by L’Herault in Agde old town, near the house I brought a painting group to about 6 years ago. We returned to the house in Castelnau de Guers with no painting done.

Today I set out, it was grey, planning on going to Sete to paint in the town, it is known as the Venice of Languedoc because it is build on canals. I fancied painting some of the old buildings and their reflections in the water. As I was driving it started raining, so I needed somewhere I could stand under the tailgate of the car. I tried an elevated picnic spot over looking the Etang de Thau….no joy.

So I went into Bouzigues the oyster centre of the etang, I loved the view, but my brain and hands weren’t talking to each other, the result was not what I aimed for, but I may use this study to create something in the studio at a later date.

Bouzigues 24x30cm  Oil Study
Oil Study

Feeling a bit disheartened I carried on to Sete, it was still raining on and off, I went to the top of Mont St Clair and walked around the park there breathing in the pines and watching two magpies, all was well with the world.

Carrying on with my unintended circuit of the Etang, and find myself at the end of the Canal du Midi one of my favourite spots, and worked quite quickly on the painting below, I had ended up looking across the water to were I had started the day.

Le Phare; Canal du Midi 24x30cm  oil Plein Air
Le Phare; Canal de Midi
Plein Air

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