18/28- Serenaded by Toads

Yesterday I spent the morning around the house, then drove to another of my favourite places Villeneuvette a beautiful place with a terrible history, I have painted the wrought iron benches,

villeneuvette Herault France 34
villeneuvette Herault France 34

fountain and geranium pots in the past and used an oil of artists painting, with me on a painting holiday as a brochure pic.

Exploring a bit more today, I went around the walls where I found the remains of the cloth factory, a scar?  I loved the industrial and derelict feel, a reminder of what had gone before. Doing quite a detailed watercolour, needing  to re-enforce  those details for an idea for painting I have in my head, the spiral stairway to nowhere that drew me in.180315Villeneuvettec

Pencil Sketch
Pencil Sketch
Villneuvette Watercolour 56x38cm 300lb Saunders Waterford
300lb Saunders Waterford
Villneuvette Watercolour & Ink
Watercolour & Ink

When walking round to the walls there was an old Peugeot that hadn’t moved for a long time, it was buzzing, seriously I think some wasps or similar had made their nest there or were swarming to move, a really loud hum.  Another chorus, below where I was painting was an area like a moat, one toad was croaking away most of the time, then for about 4/5 minutes there was a cacophony of toads singing away it was quite amazing I guess it’s that time of year ….spring is in the air.

I missed out Saturday in my last entry, it was a day of retail therapy, we went to Uzes market, never having been to the Saturday market there it was huge filled the town square and surrounding streets. Great to go when it’s not full of tourists, I did spend on pots and clothes. I did do an ink sketch of a glass on the table at lunch my contribution of the day

On the way home we came the slow way up into Haute L’Herault  and L’Gard border to Circ des Navacelles,, an amazing gorge with a village below, Paul wouldn’t go near the edge. On leaving our route out was the line you can see on the far rock wall, don’t think Paul’s Fiat 500 would have made it, he didn’t like the view over the side of the road, I found it exhilarating, opposites attract!!

Cirque de Navacelles
Cirque de Navacelles

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