26/28 – Time Flies

Is it really a whole week since I last posted; after Collioure.

On Friday 20/3 I had a day to myself in Montpellier, wandering and spending.

21/3 Saturday we went to Beziers Marche du puce, not alot there to inspire, and it rained all afternoon

22/3 Sunday the weather was forecast to be bad, but wasn’t too bad but not many stallholders had turned up at Marseillan Plage Brocante. So we went back to Meze had a lovely lunch on the port at La Marine, were an English chap came and spoke to us, he and his wife live in Meze he ahd just had his first novel accepted for publication, wanted to know our story “You obviously haven’t been marroed for 44 years, you are both too happy” Paul “We’ve been married for half that” English chap was shocked and shut up.

23/3 Monday I went up the A75 to Lac du Salagou, there is a villge at the Lodeve end, Celles that was abandoned, aprt from the Marie ans La Poste,  when they filled the resevoir. it is a drelict village on the side the lake and is a beautiful spot, it was cloudy. I took a picnic lunch. and looked across the water toward Octon.

Celles-L'Herault France Plein Air Oil  24x30cm
Celles-L’Herault France
Plein Air

You can see the colour of the soil here it is so red people leave messages in white stones on the side of the road.

As always time was spent chatting to various passers by, including a young guy going fishing in the lake on his boat.

Celles L'Herault Ink Sketch
Celles L’Herault
Ink Sketch

As I was leaving I pulled up on the side of the road and did a quick 5 minute sketch of the view of the village.

I was hoping to return to Celles and paint this view today but the wind is so strong I don’t think I’ll be able to


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