24-25 – Shopping and Wine:-

We have a cat at home Scampi, well a cat has us, he doesn’t belong to us he adopted us, primarily because we have a cat flap but no longer any cats.

We had decided we were going to get new cats when Paul retired 2½ years ago but we had already been adopted by Scampi, we even had a cat flap put in our new back door.

Anyway why am I mentioning this, I had to go shopping in Montpellier on Tuesday to buy a present for our neighbour, who has been getting the post in and checking on the cat, no painting but I did do some quick sketches.

The lady pushing her bike,

Bike Lady Ink Sketch
Bike Lady
Ink Sketch

the old guy in the pork pie hat smoking & drinking his pastis,

Pastis & Smoke Ink Sketch
Pastis & Smoke
Ink Sketch

the middle aged skate boarder.

Middle aged skater Ink Sketch
Middle aged skater
Ink Sketch

Matters of minutes if not seconds but a record of times in Montpellier.

Un Verre Ink Sketch
Un Verre
Ink Sketch

I have also included the glass I sketched in Uzes  on market day.

On Wednesday the wind was trop fort, I love the valley between Castelnau de Guers and Pomerols but finding a place with a view out of the wind was proving difficult. I wandered down a track into the vineyards and found a niche around a crop of rocks and coincidently was looking towards the church in the first painting from I did from the house.

"Vineyards towards Nézignan-l'Évêque" Plein Air Oil 24x30cm
“Vineyards towards
Plein Air Oil

Again I wanted to create the contours of the land, and the feel of the vines before the leaves (lamelles).
I went for a drive afterwards, I had thought the church was in Montblanc, but found it was in Nezignan and I think I can map read.

I did return to Celles on THursday more of that tomorrow ……


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