Shh its been quiet !!!!

Sorry I’ve not dropped off the end of the universe, where did I leave you? I was at the end of my month in France, returning to Celles to paint the village abandoned 60 years ago to be submerged by Lac Du Salagou. This time we parked above the abandoned village I painted  this oil very quickly, Paul sat reading his book in the car and I nearly got blown away a couple of times. I learnt from reading the notice board that permission has been given to repopulate the village.

Plien Air Oil Celles lac du Salagou
Celles – Languedoc France
Plein Air Oil Painting

This was the last painting in Languedoc for this trip and one I had wanted to complete since the first time I visited Celles about ten years ago.  We packed the car the next day and began our trip home up the A75 stopping for 2 nights in Chartres.

We were both very tired on  Saturday evening and the northern weather was cold and wet, on the Sunday I needed to paint so went for a trek trying to find somewhere out of the wind and rain.

I tucked myself under the arches of Chartres cathedral doorway challenging myself to paint some of the statues on the posts. During the French revolution many of the sculptures on churches had their faces chiselled off and studying them to paint your can see the joins that aren’t noticeable at a glance.

Whilst painting I was serenaded by the Palm Sunday service in the cathedral, the music was beautiful, when I had finished I went inside and enjoyed the service for a while.

Chartres Cathedral- France Plein Air 290315
Chartres Cathedral- France
Plein Air Oil

I’ve been back nearly 4 weeks now  it took a while to get back into a routine,teaching every day at the studio , and having meetings related to A Brush with the Broads so haven’t been out doing my own work. Now the evenings are lighter I am planning on getting out more.

I will be returning to Languedoc there are 3 places still on my Pezenas trip 20-27 June


You can book at


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