Confidence Goes up and Comes down

I haven’t added to my blog for a while, yes I have been painting but I haven’t been happy to share the results recently, many people including painters seem to think the purpose of painting is to sell.

Sorry but that isn’t so, every time I paint it is because I can’t not paint, I try to do a sketch or a painting everyday. As a painter you need to practice, each time you make a mark with whatever, on whatever you are learning, you are honing your skills.

I paint using very traditional techniques, mainly plein air and alla prima, I have my gallery / studio where I sell my work and this time of year there are a lot of browsers – less buyers, which can be disheartening but the comments from kids particularly can make you smile and feel positive about what you do.

I have taken part in 2 Pintar Rapido  painting weekends one in July in London and in Glasgow last weekend, I really was not happy with what I produced last weekend and should not have put it in the exhibition. The London event I was quite happy with the two paintings I did

Borough Market London
Borough Market London Plein Air London Oil 30x24cm linen board
Southwark Bridge, St. Paul's London Plein Air Oil 30x24cm on linen board
Southwark Bridge, St. Paul’s London Plein Air Oil 30x24cm on linen board

The Southwark Bridge one is the one I put into exhibition, it didn’t win and didn’t sell but I learnt a lot and it is on the gallery wall.

Last weekend in Glasgow, a city with lots of hidden corners I just tried too hard, my painting wasn’t me it was too tight.

So today I went to a hidden corner not too far from my studio, The Secret Garden at How Hill, Today the temperature is 28℃ so the shade of the trees was welcome and the light coming through them was beautiful, a young boy, approx 9 years, spoke to me,

“Where are those colours you’re painting?”

I told him to really look and he said “Oh yes I can see, I have my eyes open!!” He made me laugh and he ran off to his parents.



I painted on a larger canvas today (50x30cm) and was happier, I think I will take a larger canvas to Amsterdam for Pintar Rapido in 2 weeks time, as the title says confidence goes up and down then up again.

How Hill Secret Garden is one of the venues you could paint in at A Brush with the Broads 2015

the UK’s 1st 4 Day Plein Air Painitng Festival now in it second year 24 -28 September 2015


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