Painting Every Day

I do manage to paint or sketch most days – not all for public consumption just me setting myself exercises.

People say of actors, writers and rock stars they’ve made their money they could stop today, Why carry on?

If you’re a creative person you will know why they do we are always trying to improve on the last act, book, song or painting and you have to feed your creative addiction.

The more you do the more you want to do, I managed in March when I was away from the studio and teaching commitments to paint every day, now the tourists have flown home I am going to try to paint something presentable every day again. Something I want to do not a demonstration for tutoring a class.

Lets see how it goes.

Todays Oil painting is of a copper / brass kettle, its great having the boys with the Bric a Brac stores behind the studio as I can borrow stuff to paint without getting cluttered (haha I hear from those who have visited)

Copper Kettle 13x18cm Oil on Linen Board £95

To purchase any of my paintings please message me and I will send an invoice to pay on line


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