Going Dutch

(I started this entry on Sunday on the houseboat in Amsterdam)

Sitting here on a house boat on Lijnbaansgracht in Old Amsterdam, two friends still a sleep after a hard days painting and a night laughing, eating and drinking, may have got the order wrong there, but there’s definintely lots of laughing.

We flew to Amsterdam from Norwich a 35 minute flight, and arrived in a monsoon, Maggie and I were taking part in Pintar Rapido, the plein air competition set up by Roger Beckett in London two years ago, learning of it when I first started setting up A Brush with the Broads I was so happy to find a plein air event I could take part in.

The Amsterdam weather being so unpredictable after treking across town to get our supports stamped we returned to our home for 3 nights to paint.

Having taken part in 2 London events and Glasgow a couple of weeks ago, it’s great to be in Amsterdam, I think it’s good to challenge yourself to find inspiration in different places.

Painting from the boat – I should have done a risk assessment first, before paint was put onto it, thankfully, my canvas flew into the canal, I hadn’t had chance ot secure it to my pochade.

Lovely Winsor and Newton had given us umbrellas with a hooked handle and with Roasannes help we managed to fish it out and it dried as I was working on it. Tho’ I do owe Rosanne a pair of sunglasses.

The house boat being such a lovely place to stay it was great to be able to include it in my painting and I was happy with the result.

below is the slide show of the painting progessing and changing :-

Lijnbaansgracht Amsterdam 4-7 Sept 15

Lijnbaansgracht Amsterdam 4-7 Sept 15

 You can see the changing sky as the day progresses, it was so good to be able to take breaks walk away and have  a tea or wine, a comfy place to paint.

The building in the background is the Rijksmuseum – we visited yesterday (Monday).

I didn’t win a prize or sell, but feel richer for the experiences we had and the people we met.

Lijnbaansgracht Amsterdam 50x30cm  Oil on Canvas £195.00
Lijnbaansgracht Amsterdam
Oil on Canvas
£195.00 to purchase e mail linda @ broadskiesgallery.co.uk

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