Caux France 34720

Following on from A Brush with the Broads and Adebanji Alades evening demonstration where he drew his subject out with marker pen I thought I’d give it a try.

Today is the first day for a week or so I have been able to get the oils out and have a go, we are in France house hunting and have decided on the village of Caux in the Languedoc, today was my first painting in Caux.

Drawing out in ink first  fits with #inktober  but then I painted over it.

Barrel maker & Forge courtyard 18x24cm Oil on board
Barrel maker & Forge courtyard
Prep Drawing

Drawing out in marker pen helped set the composition in my mind, I expected to feel that I was colouring in but as when teaching I tell students that your drawing if you use one is only a guide, you can choose to ignore it.

I think I worked more quickly because of the drawing, and was quite pleased with the result, a man came out of a house nearby and told me, in French,  he was a cultural pig but my painting was good. Not sure if that was a complement or not????

18x24cm Oil on Board
Oil on Board

The location is the courtyard of one of the mediaeval buildings in Caux – it was where the Barrel maker and wheelwright worked you can still see where their forge and ovens were, Caux is full of these secret corners I am going to love finding subjects here.


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