Back in L’Herault – again…….

This could be the penultimate time I pay someone else for accommodation down here, I’m here to catch up with what is happening with our house purchase and collect my watch from the menders (that’s another story).

I arrived late Saturday and wandered around Pezenas, Christmas has started, there always seems to be music on the street welcoming us here. Can’t do business on a Sunday so I went to Meze market and painted the ever changing sky towards Agde and beautiful sails, on the Etang du Thau, coming across from Sete, wish I’d got my oils with me, next time.


Meze    Languedoc Rousillion
I then drove up to Caux just to check the house was okay, wandered around Pezenas in the evening there quite a few studios open for the Christmas trade, don’t think that used to happen, l even spied Father Christmas.

After the obligatory  cafe alonge went to the estate agents this morning, no problems just a waiting game…….

Drove up to Caux and along the road to Roujan turned off to Neffies, the colours are just stunning the light amazing stopped and caught some of it and found an old mill and bridge at Neffies that had been renovated. 


caux france 34270
watercolour vines
Le vieux pont Neffies
Time to eat somewhere nice ah Marseillan Port…..O Soleil, 3 very good courses inc wine & cafe 22€  then a quick watercolour of Quai 21. Beautiful sunny day, might get a nocturne done later ??? As I’ve already eaten well today.

2 more days jobs to do but productive too, a bientot 

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