A Lesson Learned

Being mainly a plein air painter I tend to work Alla Prima – in one go. But to hone your craft you have to study, whether it be the  work of past masters or present stars of the painting world.

This process to me also means working the same subject in different media, working from light to dark in Watercolour and backwards from dark to light in oil and acrylic.

But sometimes I could kick myself – I’ll “save money” and complete a practice painting on an inferior support, this practise then turns out well and I can’t sell it on because the surface isn’t up to standard.

This happened recently I was demonstrating acrylics to my regular class the subject was boats and we used a photograph I had taken in Honfleur in October 2015 as our source.

I was really happy with the acrylic painting, it was loose, moody and I liked the brush strokes.

Honfleur Normandie France – Acrylic on paper

But I loved the subject and have today completed an oil of the same subject on canvas, it has a very different feel and I was really happy to revisit the subject.

The feel  of the oil painting is softer, truer to the light of the early morning. We were having breakfast on the port before most people were around, the weekly market was setting up in the distance

Honfleur Normandie France 40 x 30cm Oil on Canvas

Comparing the two I am so glad I went back and completed in a different media, I didn’t refer to the original when working with the oils and can’t quite believe the difference in the two paintings.

You can now purchase my paintings on line at Broad Skies Gallery

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5 thoughts on “A Lesson Learned

  1. Linda, these are both truly lovely paintings, with very different moods. I know the feeling when you tried to save money, or rather “just practise a little”…and then the painting turns out really well. I did that on oil painting paper once and the piece sold immediately on Fb, to a lower price. Chances are, you relax more when you try something without expectations and you do really good. Maybe, the solution is to never use a really poor surface, just in case 🙂 Love you to visit my page at heidihjort.com – I moved my page to a self hosted site.

    1. Thank you Heidi – the acrylic was a class demonstration, I tell my students they are to teach techniques not to achieve a finished painting, but sometimes the result works as a finished piece.
      I generally only use acrylics for teaching my main media being oil for my own work and really I am happier with the oil painting. Love the softness of your lines something I am worknig on HAve a good day LInda

    1. Thanks for your comments Linda, yes Honfleur is inspiring will be stopping over there in June on return from teaching near Limoges and wanrt to organise a week there next year – happy painting

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