Todays artist’s are the recorders of Social History !

Over the last few months I’ve been spending time up loading images to my  online gallery, named after my earthbound gallery

Some of the images are  of recent paintings for sale, but some are greeting cards and postcards from paintings I completed and said goodbye to very early on in my artistic career.

In  the year 2000 printers were still very much still in litho. production and one had to have at least 1000 of any design printed to make it worth getting any produced. How things have changed !!

I could have spent hours touting around shops etc to sell them but chose to sell them from my own studio, because I would rather be painting. I smile looking at theses images because I can see how my work and inspiration has changed, and each one has a story,  a memory.

Whilst going through old work  it occured to me, in these days of crowds watching everything through their phone, we as artists are the ones who use our memory sensors more than most and really absorb the scene we are being inspired by.

We are now,  as pre camera painters were, the recorders of social history. In a world where everything is disposable our legacy will live on  as those artists of earlier centuries did.

Do we realise how important our record of life today is?




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