Bonnes Pâques

DSC_0252Happy Easter….

I left the house to go to Magalas for the Vide Grenier, wandered about, drooled – didn’t purchase anything – could have done but resisted.

I had my watercolour kit in the car and decided to go on to Fouzilhon, a village between Magalas and Gabian, we had passed and I wanted to explore.

What a gorgeous place and I was to find lovely people too.

Wandering around the church, a man told me the children would be coming soon searching for chocolate.

I settled on a rock across from the church and started sketching, suddenly there was a happy band of adults and children with panniers full of eggs and chocolate rabbits (Lindt). They mulled around below me awaiting the stragglers, they were then given the 1…2…3.. to run up to the plateau where I was sitting, where they found more eggs and bunnies. after a while there was a cry of ecstacy as a little girl found a chocoalte rabbit almost as big as she.


I was painting in watercolours by this time, and watching the goings on around me when I noticed all the found eggs and bunnys were shared out between the children. The man who had spoken to me earlier asked me “Aimez-vous le chocolat?” “Bien sȗr!” I replied.

Two of the youngsters then came over and gave me three mini eggs and a chocolate rabbit, I could have cried with happiness.

A lady came and sat with me wanting to watch me paint, I enjoy these moments these days because I can practice my French and a lot of the time people are happy to help you with words, she told me to come to the theatre when I had finished, for a drink with everyone.  I would have loved to but I have stinking cold (une rhume) and didn’t really want to leave them with it. I couldn’t find the theatre when I left either.

I have just enjoyed the chocolates after a bowl of Moules Au Roquefort avec frites on the terrace a Chez Nous in the sun.


Fouzilhon is a village of 149 souls and they have this amazing sun dial, a beautiful piece of public art.



Allez a Laurens demain pour une autre Brocante, c’est la vie ………

please see for more of my work and painting holidays in our house in the Languedoc France – Avant de Mont –

Thank you for reading

Linda H Matthews

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