Back in L’Herault – again…….

This could be the penultimate time I pay someone else for accommodation down here, I’m here to catch up with what is happening with our house purchase and collect my watch from the menders (that’s another story). I arrived late Saturday and wandered around Pezenas, Christmas has started, there always seems to be music on […]

#inktober -4 Caux Centre

Early morning sketch – ink and wash outside Le Mairie in Caux for #Inktober, no one around when I started but soon there were many people about, getting to know the street sweeper quite well. Interesting shadows because of the curves of the buildings.

Caux France 34720

Following on from A Brush with the Broads and Adebanji Alades evening demonstration where he drew his subject out with marker pen I thought I’d give it a try. Today is the first day for a week or so I have been able to get the oils out and have a go, we are in […]


Half full or half empty? Depends on the way you look at life I guess, I’m always accused of being too positive, just remember I may not be inside. Generally to me life is half full, I don’t handle negativity well, I don’t waste time on regrets, life is full of learning take what you […]

#inktober-3.  France A28

Knew I wouldn’t have much time as we’re travelling thro France, but took a leaf from artist friend Terry Preen and tried to sketch as a passenger on the A28 thro Normandy , I can’t read in a car, didn’t know if I’d be able to sketch but didn’t feel queasy at all.  The joy […]

#inktober -2Portsmouth

Just on the ferry going out of Portsmouth Harbour lots of RN ships – set myself a 20 minute challenge before we set off. Beautiful sunny morning on board, don’t know my boats but think this is mine sweeper. Wonder what the sea situation is further out…….?