Falling in Love – tomber amoureux

One year ago today, I fell in love…… Actually lets go back a little further, it was fourteen years ago Paul and I fell in love with an area of France. Introduced by friends, nous somes tombé amoureax avec L’Herault en Languedoc France, we haven’t missed a year since, sometimes visiting four or five times […]

A Lesson Learned

Being mainly a plein air painter I tend to work Alla Prima – in one go. But to hone your craft you have to study, whether it be the  work of past masters or present stars of the painting world. This process to me also means working the same subject in different media, working from […]

Caux France 34720

Following on from A Brush with the Broads and Adebanji Alades evening demonstration where he drew his subject out with marker pen I thought I’d give it a try. Today is the first day for a week or so I have been able to get the oils out and have a go, we are in […]

Going Dutch

(I started this entry on Sunday on the houseboat in Amsterdam) Sitting here on a house boat on Lijnbaansgracht in Old Amsterdam, two friends still a sleep after a hard days painting and a night laughing, eating and drinking, may have got the order wrong there, but there’s definintely lots of laughing. We flew to […]

Going Over Old Ground.

Looking back at painting you have done in the past and thinking “How on earth was I happy with putting that on the wall?” Is quite common but for that stage of your artistic development it probably was good. So going back to old work and creating a new piece from it or working it […]

Painting Every Day

I do manage to paint or sketch most days – not all for public consumption just me setting myself exercises. People say of actors, writers and rock stars they’ve made their money they could stop today, Why carry on? If you’re a creative person you will know why they do we are always trying to […]