Transparent Pigments in Watercolour

What a title? You may ask, I have been painting in oils for much of the time recently then a conversation with a visitor to my studio got me thinking. Lets play with watercolour again for a while. So I’ve been playing using only transparent pigments, yes watercolours are a transparent medium but each pigment […]

5/28 Oops missed a day…!!!

Failed fell at the first post, we had friends over for lunch yesterday, which meant the morning in the kitchen, enjoyable entertaining then taking them to Beziers airport in the evening. For the last 2 nights the Mistral has been blowing a hooley, disturbing our sleep, I felt so guilty about not completing something yesterday […]


A description that fits me well, I love my Mabef pochade box it’s compact, holds all I need to paint en plein air, including wet canvas boards, it’s easy to transport and fits onto a camera tripod whats not to like. I have always liked a palette to hold I squeeze my paints onto the […]