Wow what Month !!!! – June 2016

Patchings Festival: I love Patchings Art Festival – the friendly festivalĀ  meeting up with old clients and friends – the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Producing some paintings, chatting, chatting, chatting and selling. Loosing your voice, exhausting. Then it was back to Norfolk to unload and reload the car, on to the Limousin France teaching for […]

Going Over Old Ground.

Looking back at painting you have done in the past and thinking “How on earth was I happy with putting that on the wall?” Is quite common but for that stage of your artistic development it probably was good. So going back to old work and creating a new piece from it or working it […]

Painting Every Day

I do manage to paint or sketch most days – not all for public consumption just me setting myself exercises. People say of actors, writers and rock stars they’ve made their money they could stop today, Why carry on? If you’re a creative person you will know why they do we are always trying to […]