Bonnes Pâques

Happy Easter…. I left the house to go to Magalas for the Vide Grenier, wandered about, drooled – didn’t purchase anything – could have done but resisted. I had my watercolour kit in the car and decided to go on to Fouzilhon, a village between Magalas and Gabian, we had passed and I wanted to […]

Transparent Pigments in Watercolour

What a title? You may ask, I have been painting in oils for much of the time recently then a conversation with a visitor to my studio got me thinking. Lets play with watercolour again for a while. So I’ve been playing using only transparent pigments, yes watercolours are a transparent medium but each pigment […]

18/28- Serenaded by Toads

Yesterday I spent the morning around the house, then drove to another of my favourite places Villeneuvette a beautiful place with a terrible history, I have painted the wrought iron benches, fountain and geranium pots in the past and used an oil of artists painting, with me on a painting holiday as a brochure pic. […]